About Royal IHC
In an ever-changing political and economic landscape, Royal IHC enables its customers to execute complex projects from sea level to ocean floor in the most challenging of maritime environments. We are a reliable supplier of innovative and efficient equipment, vessels and services for the offshore, dredging and wet mining markets.

With a history steeped in Dutch shipbuilding since the mid-17th Century, we have in-depth knowledge and expertise of engineering and manufacturing high-performance integrated vessels and equipment, and providing sustainable services. From our head office in The Netherlands and with 3,000 employees working from sites and offices on a global basis, we are able to ensure a local presence and support on every continent.

Dredging operators, oil and gas corporations, offshore contractors, mining houses and government authorities all over the world benefit from IHC’s high-quality solutions and services. With our commitment to technological innovation, in which sustainability and safety are key, we strive to continuously meet the specific needs of each customer in a rapidly evolving world.


IHC Dredging Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd
In order to better serve our customers in The People’s Republic of China Royal IHC opened an office in 1998. Since the opening of this office in Tianjin, in the proximity of many customers, the company developed from a service company to a full scale company with holds the following four departments: Sales, Services, Sourcing and Training.
This year a new strategy in China was deployed and has showed the necicarity to increase the capacities in our office. We are expanding in the fields of Sales, Services and Outsourcing and as such we are looking for new colleagues who are willing to your our team and support us building a strong company in China.


职位名称 工作地点 工作经验 招聘人数 月薪 截止日期
行政助理 Office Assistant 天津/天津市 3年以上 1 人 3000~4000元/月 2018-03-20
高级机械工程师 Senior Mechanical Engineer 天津/天津市 5年以上 3 人 6000~8000元/月 2018-03-20
高级机械工程师 Senior Mechanical Engineer 天津/天津市 5年以上 1 人 面议 2018-03-20
高级液压工程师 Senior Hydraulic Engineer 天津/天津市 5年以上 2 人 6000~8000元/月 2018-03-20
运营采购Operational Buyer 天津/天津市 3年以上 1 人 4000~6000元/月 2018-03-20
生产准备 Work Preparation Planner 天津/天津市 3年以上 1 人 3000~4000元/月 2018-03-20
技术客户经理 Technical Account Manager 天津/天津市 3年以上 2 人 6000~8000元/月 2018-03-20
质检工程师 Quality Controller 天津/天津市 3年以上 3 人 4000~6000元/月 2018-03-20
销售助理 Sales Support Officer 天津/天津市 5年以上 1 人 4000~6000元/月 2018-03-20
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