Dragon Marine Engineering Co., Ltd is a professional agent of the shipping equipment whose performance and scale have being growing continually since it was established in 2007.


In the flourishing shipbuilding industry, our company achieves good cooperative relationship with most domestic shipyards in China for our products. The main clients of Dragon Marine are Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding(Group) Co., Ltd,  JiangNan(Group) Co., Ltd,  WaiGaoQiao shipyard, China Merchants Heavy Industry(Jiangsu) Co.,ltd, Huatai Heavy Industry Co., Ltd, Wuhu Shipyard,Jinling Shipyard, ZheJiang shipyard,  DaYang Shipbuilding Co., Ltd,  COSCO group, ZPMC, Dalian Shipyard,GSI, Fujian Mawei Shipyard,WengChong shipyard,  HuangPu shipyard,  GuangZhou Shipyard and hundreds of such similar shipyards. The professional sales team is the foundation of Dragon’s success. The abundant clients are the motivation of Dragon and it has been the basis of Dragon’s good development.


DRAGON MARINE has established two branch offices in Shanghai and Guangzhou, covering business and engineering needs and providing constant support to our customers in the areas.The purpose of our company is to care the high quality product and improve our after-sales service which is acknowledged by shipyards and the equipment makers. In the competitive ship equipments agent markets, Dragon has become the first-tier agent company with its perfect technology, kind service, ample operation and strong competitiveness. Dragon will always try its best to cooperate with clients from home and abroad based on its spirit ofHonesty, Profession, Efficiency






公司在上海和广州设立了两个分公司,以满足客户的业务和工程需求,为客户提供持续的支持。本公司的宗旨是注重产品的高品质,完善售后服务,得到造船厂和设备制造商的认可。在竞争激烈的船舶设备代理市场中,公司以其完善的技术、周到的服务、丰富的经营和强大的竞争力,成为国内一流的船舶设备代理公司。公司本着 诚信、专业、高效 的经营理念,竭诚与国内外客户合作。




TEL:+86 21-68559010 FAX:+86 21-68559002

E-MAIL: dragonmarine@vip.163.com



ADD: RM 1905, Tower 2, Dong-Jun Plaza, 836 Dongfeng Road East,Guangzhou, 510080P.R.CHINA

TEL:+86 20 87667406  FAX:+86 20 87667471

E-MAIL: dragonmarine@vip.163.com


职位名称 工作地点 招聘人数 月薪
销售工程师Sales Engineer 上海市 1-2人 8000-12000元
服务工程师Commissioning and Service Engineer 上海市 1-2人 面议